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Dishes & Deco started in 2009 out of a love for Mediterranean products.

We started to simplify the existing Tunisian designs to European tastes. Afterwards we started designing patterns ourselves.  The result is a variety of colorful, mandala-like patterns.

We have put together the assortment in a way that the colors come back in most designs. That makes it tempting to mix and match different dishes, plates, etc.

Over the years the assortment has grown to approximately 500 items.




European dishes with an Arabic twist


Initially Dishes & Deco was spread over several manufacturing craft businesses, but over time she stopped with that. She started her own manufacturing craft business with 3 groups off painters, each with 4 persons who took care of the earthenware.

Since January 1, 2015 Dishes & Deco has a factory in Tunisia. where all production takes place, from white clay into a beautiful colorful product.



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Hand-crafted and hand-painted ceramics