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Because the dishes are made of white clay (less vulnerable than red clay), the dishes are dish wash proof. The dishes can also be used in the microwave or oven. The dishes are painted with lead free paint. All designs are available in different forms and shapes, this makes it possible to combine as much as you want.


The production takes place in our factory in Tunisia, Tunisi Dishes & Deco SARL.

Because we also have permanent contracts, social insurance and transportation to and from the workshop, we have been able to bind skilful and experienced professionals with us. We have set up a scholarship fund so that the children of our employees can follow proper training. Because skill is essential for these products and that binds you to your business with also a good netto wage. Everything is made by hand, both creating as baking and painting.


What is now a workshop of 800 square meters can become a factory with a considerably higher utilization and production.

We translate the beautiful but sometimes very "busy" patterns of Muslim origin to the European flavor. For several years we design our own patterns, such as the design Nejma, Raslen, Mehari, etc. The result is a wide range of colorful, mandala-like patterns.


We have made the assortment in a way that most of the colors come back in most designs. That makes it very tempting to mix and match different dishes, plates, etc.

We are now working on a new form salad bowl and a decorative item for the garden table. We extended our range of products in the past time with serving boards and other items of olive wood and various pottery items such as fruit test.





Material and Production process

The white clay is placed in a mold and shaped by hand.

The white clay comes within large rolls.

The dish must dry 5 days in the mold.

The biscuit is removed from the mold and still needs 2 weeks to air-dry.

The dish is baked in the oven.

The design is hand drawn on the dish.

The design gets colored.

Left, the colored pattern before baking.

Right, the end result.



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